Windshield Replacement Phoenix

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When many people see a problem like a chip or a crack on their windshield, they start thinking about doing the repair on their own. If you go online, you can see all sorts of do it yourself kits to use for replacing your windshield.

A do it yourself kit can seem like a great idea because it's cheaper, but there are lots of cons you have to deal with when you decide to do a windshield replacement on your own.

Value of Time

A windshield replacement can take a trained professional about 10 minutes. If you do the repair on your own, then you can expect to spend a couple of hours to fix the problem and hope you do it right.

No Guarantee

There are no warranties or guarantees when you use a do it yourself kit. Just because you've managed to repair your windshield doesn't mean it will last.

Quality of Glue

Do it yourself kits come with a glue that you're going to use to fill the chip or crack on your windshield. The quality of glue in these kits can be questionable though, and might not provide a permanent solution you're looking for. You might be calling a reputable windshield replacement company like Aero Auto Glass after you're done to do the job all over again.

Now way to tell if you've fixed your windshield or not

A do it yourself kit comes with an instruction book, but it will not help you see whether the chip is repaired or not. A professional technician is skilled enough to see this, but you're not. They will be able to know the right way to take when dealing with the individual crack.

No way of leveling

The kits will have a repairing tool, glue, curing film, and an instruction book. You will not have something to use in leveling the pit so that the windshield wipers are able to function correctly.

Misleading Videos

Just because you found a video online showing someone replacing their windshield doesn’t mean it is going to be your best choice. You can end up with a windshield that's even more damaged because you didn't know how to properly repair it. Auto Glass professionals have years of experience and while you can learn we don't recommend trying it on your own.

No Experience to Lean On

Experienced auto glass professionals are able to deal with issues that could come up during the replacement process. A do it yourself kit you order is not going to come with the experience needed to fix your windshield the right way.

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